Presidential Council and HCS hold joint meeting over Storm Daniel disaster

The Presidential Council and the High Council of State (HCS) held a joint meeting to follow up on the disaster situation in the east of the country due the Storm Daniel.

The meeting was attended by the two deputies of the Presidnetial Council Moussa Al-Kouni and Abdullah Al-Lafi in addition to the President of the HCS Mohamed Takala. The two councils discussed the humanitarian situation in the city of Derna due to the floods and heavy rains that hit it over the past two days, leaving behind a large number of victims and missing people.

During the meeting, they expressed their full solidarity with the people of Derna and their fellow citizens in eastern Libya, and emphasized the need for all official and civil authorities to work together to intensify local and international efforts to alleviate the impact of the disaster and provide factors that accelerate overcoming this crisis.

The Red Crescent is continuing its search operations for the missing people in Derna, Sousse Al-Bayda and other storm struck cities. The organization has been working tirelessly to locate and rescue people who have gone missing as the situation in continues to be dire, and many people are in need.

The floods in Derna caused massive destruction to entire neighborhoods and swept away entire blocks of homes and properties. The storm has caused thousands of deaths and left tens of thousands missing. The Libyan Red Crescent is reported to have stated that the number of missing people due to the floods has reached 10,000.


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