12 bodies of Tarhouna mass graves’ victims identified

The member of the Tarhouna Victims Association, Abdelhakim Bunama, told Libya Alahrar TV channel that the association had received a report by a number of citizens on a new mass grave at the “Death Triangle” area in the city.

Likewise, the General Authority for Searching for and Identifying Missing Persons (GASIMP) said in a statement that its teams had identified 12 bodies of the mass graves’ victims: 6 people from Tarhouna, 2 from Qaser Benghashir, 2 from Tripoli, 1 from Bani Walid and 1 from Souq Al-Khamis. The identification happened after running DNA tests.

During the burial of the victims, Tarhouna residents called for activating “red cards” (search and arrest warrants” issued by the Attorney General to bring the culprits to justice whether they are inside or outside Libya.

Since the start of unearthing bodies in Tarhouna in June 2020 after the defeat and escape of Al-Kaniyat militia that was allied with Khalifa Haftar’s forces during the war on Tripoli 2019-2020, 170 bodies have been discovered in 2021 and 2022 so far, 150 bodies of which have been identified by DNA tests, GASIMP said.

In last November, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Karim Khan visited Tarhouna and saw firsthand the scale of crimes and mass graves in the city.


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