12 Syrians heading from Libya to Europe found dead in Algerian desert

Algerian authorities found the bodies of 12 Syrians and two Algerians in the desert near the border with Libya, after they had illegally entered the country in the hope of later immigrating to European countries.

The non-governmental Relief Search and Rescue Organization revealed the details of the incident after publishing a list of names of the dead immigrants and the two Algerians, saying that a four-wheel-drive vehicle was found in the Hassi-Belfour area last Friday, with a number of bodies next to it, after it was reported missing last Tuesday, pointing out that the main cause of death was loss of route in the desert and thirst under harsh weather conditions.

The organization said that it had identified the victims as two Algerians and 12 Syrians, including a 10-year-old and a 16-year-old boys. It said that the Syrians were recovered from the area, which is about 70 kilometers from Burj Omar Idris, which is near the Libyan border. Details of the victims’ data indicated that no women were among them.


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