127 Libyan HoR members agree to elect new presidency on December 21

127 members of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) have agreed to delay the full-quorum session in Ghadames to December 21 after disputes among east-based members and others regarding the election of a new presidency replacing Aqila Saleh and his deputies.

The members issued a statement following the failed session, announcing the new date for the meeting in Ghadames, saying they will discuss in the session electing new presidency, amending the internal laws and making each presidency term last only six months, saying the delay Tuesday would allow other members to join.

According to the statement, electing parliamentary committees, forming temporary technical committees and discussing the proposed amendments would be in a second session in Ghadames on December 22.

Libya Alahrar TV correspondent said some members argued about differences and threatened to withdraw from the session and leave Ghadames over the names nominated for the presidency and holding the meetings outside Benghazi.

Meanwhile, a member of the HoR, who preferred to be unnamed, said some members had received messages that oblige them to nominate certain persons for the presidency, saying the dispute over this issue among the three regions’ representatives led to the delay of the session.


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