The Guardian: Libyan authorities are to investigate allegations of mismanagement at the National Oil Corporation

The British newspaper the Guardian quoted “officials” as saying that the Libyan authorities will investigate “allegations of wholesale mismanagement at the National Oil Corporation, after the increase in fuel smuggling that contributed to fueling the civil war in Sudan.”

According to the Guardian ‘s sources, Presidential Council President Mohamed Menfi is to launch an investigation into widespread fuel smuggling and its main beneficiaries.

The Guardian confirmed that the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces fighting in Sudan obtained smuggled Libyan fuel, noting that this point was highlighted in a recent report submitted to the United Nations Security Council.

The British newspaper suggested that some of the smuggling money also goes indirectly to the Russian-backed Wagner Group, which has now been renamed the African Legion.

“Officials” told the Guardian that up to 40% of imported Libyan fuel is smuggled into Europe at a huge profit by smugglers. According to the source, the Wagner Group supervises fuel smuggling operations into Sudan.


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