Algerian Foreign Ministry: The ongoing foreign interventions in Libya have contributed to perpetuating its crisis

Algerian Foreign Minister Ahmed Attaf indicated that Libya is in dire need of real support from the international community, stressing Algeria’s rejection of foreign interference, whether political or military, in the Libya.

In a press statement following consultations with the UN envoy Abdullah Bathily, who is visiting Algeria, Attaf said that the Libyan crisis would not have occurred without foreign military intervention, explaining that it would not have lasted without this continuous interventions that contributed to fueling the division among Libyans and complicating the efforts aimed at reaching political agreements to resolve the conflict.

Regarding the repercussions of foreign interventions on the crisis in Libya, the head of Algerian diplomacy highlighted the necessity of addressing this issue as a priority by resorting to the resolutions adopted by the Security Council on the matter, and upholding the commitments made at various international conferences, especially the first and second Berlin conferences.

Attaf mentioned that the international and regional context, which is burdened with conflicts, crises and unrest should not take the focus away from the fact that the Libyan people are striving to heal their wounds, establish unity and put an end to the crisis that has befallen them.


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