Al-Abraq Airport suffers from overcrowding

Jalal Al Mahshhash, the spokesperson for Al Abraq Airport, has issued an urgent plea for the provision of essential supplies and coverings. These are intended for the large number of individuals who are expected to spend the night in the airport’s lounges.

Al Mahshhash revealed that the airport lounges are currently housing a significant number of travelers. This includes displaced individuals from Derna and aid workers arriving from the western region. The three airport lounges are experiencing severe overcrowding due to the influx of families and volunteers.

Al Mahshhash further noted that the number of people within the airport corridors has exceeded 300. This group comprises both families and individuals, all of whom are being provided with water and meals by citizens.

On the topic of air travel, Al Mahshhash explained that while some airlines continue to operate their complimentary flights to the airport, others have delayed their flights to up to 3 days.

Al Mahshhash has urged for larger aircraft to be utilized for flights to and from the airport. This measure is seen as a solution to alleviate the issue of prolonged waiting times within the airport and address the problem of overcrowding.

Additionally, Al Mahshhash has proposed the establishment of a direct transport line offering four flights to ease congestion. He reassured that the airport remains open to travelers around the clock.

In a related development, Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah, has instructed the Ministery of Transport to arrange free air flights. These flights are intended for rescue teams and volunteers in disaster-stricken areas wishing to return to Tripoli. The coordination of these teams’ departure to these areas is also underway.


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