Haftar’s son is assigned as director of the Reconstruction Fund for Derna

The head of the parallel designated government of the House of Representatives (HoR), Osama Hammad, issued a decree appointing Belgasem Haftar, son of Khalifa Haftar, as executive director of the Reconstruction Fund for Derna and the affected cities and regions.

The decree to establish the fund stipulates that its budget is 10 billion dinars, in addition to unconditional donations and aid.

Moreover, Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Agila Saleh, called on the Planning, Finance and General Budget Committee of the HoR not to approve the disbursement or distribution of any financial sums.

In his correspondence to the Committee, Saleh stressed that funds, especially from aticles related to development, should not be disbursed unless the matter is presented to the Presidency of the HoR.

Saleh sent a copy of the correspondence to the Governor of the Central Bank, the Head of the Administrative Control Authority and the Head of the Audit Bureau.

The flood which hit the eastern region last September, revealed the inability of authorities as complaints from the people of Derna continue, requesting urgent interventions.


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