3 students injured in school explosion in Western Al-Zawiya

The mayor of western Al-Zawiya Abdelkarim Al-Abah has confirmed that an explosion took place near Al-Jeel Al-Saed School in Abu Essa district.

The mayor added that three students had been mildly injured in the explosion, which took place on Monday morning.

On last Wednesday, a large number of students were miraculously saved from a massacre as a rocket fired by Haftar’s militias fell near Agriculture Faculty of Tripoli University but didn’t explode.

The media adviser to Libya’s Health Ministry Ameen Al-Hashimi told Alahrar that the death toll of Haftar militias’ shelling on Salah Al-Deen in southern Tripoli had risen to two children as a second civilian died of sustained injuries from attacks on civilian houses.

Attacks on civilians and killing of children have increased by Haftar’s militias even more after the ceasefire agreement that was announced on January 12.


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