42 Libyan MPs call for postponing Sirte HoR session

42 members of the House of Representatives (HoR) have called for delaying the Sirte session of granting confidence to the Government of National Unity (GNU) of Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah so that they can include the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum’s results into the constitutional declaration in the same session, saying conducting a vote of confidence only is a constitutional violation.

The statement of HoR members said they signed “a People’s Statement on Sunday” as they had been keen on HoR’s work being as per the constitutional declaration and internal codes, adding that thy were seeking “the greater good of the nation”.

The members added the LPDF roadmap says all results of the Tunisia dialogue should be included in the constitutional declaration before endorsing the GNU, saying that is this wasn’t done, then holding general elections on December 24 would be hindered.

“We should also look into the UN Panel of Experts’ report on alleged bribes as it is important to refute them in public to keep the political process transparent and GNU away from local and international extortion.” They added.


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