6 bodies recovered from new Tarhouna mass graves

The Libyan General Authority for Research and Identification of Missing Persons said it had recovered six unidentified bodies from three mass graves unearthed on Sunday in Al-Abdeli area in Tarhouna.

The Authority said four bodies were found in a mass grave and two others were found in two different graves: all in the same area, adding that it is working on identifying the bodies as per the reports of the missing in the city. \

So far, 80 mass graves have been found in Tarhouna, where 232 bodies – only 65 ones identified – have been recovered, according to the Authority, which added that the identification is made through DNA tests.

In the meantime, the mayor of Tarhouna Mohammed Al-Kesher said the total of recovered bodies from mass graves since July 2020 had exceeded 340 ones.


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