6+6 Committee to meet in Morocco and decide on election’s controversial laws

The Russian news agency, Sputnik, has cited the member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ezeldeen Guweireb, who is also a member of the 6+6 committee, that the committee will hold meetings in Morocco on Monday to vote on the controversial articles of the constitutional track. ‏

Sputnik added that the committee was scheduled to hold its meetings in Libya, but transferred them to Morocco so that the articles would be voted on without any pressure from local parties in order to ensure reaching consensus on the laws related to “the parliament and Shura Council” elections and the election of the president.

Sputnik cited Guweireb as saying that the committee would vote on the controversial points in the upcoming meeting in Morocco, adding that the committee’s previous meetings discussed the technical aspects with the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), as well as the legal aspects with the Attorney General, especially those related to the candidates.

Meanwhile, the member of the HoR, Ali Al-Soul, told Sputnik that electoral laws are referred from the committee, if they are agreed upon, to the HoR for issuing the law, not to the HNEC directly.

Al-Soul stressed that the committee’s outcomes must first be presented to the HoR for approval, and then to the HNEC, given that the committee is part of the legislative council and is not independent.


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