The Tobruk desalination plant announces an emergency hiatus

The Tobruk desalination plant announced the emergency hiatus of the plant due to the depletion of stock and the failure to supply it with the heavy oil necessary for its operation.

The director of the Tobruk desalination plant, Walid Labidi, said that they rely on the Brega Oil Company for the required supplies, explaining that what is consumed in the desalination plant is a small margin of what the company sells and exports.

Labidi held the Brega Oil Company responsible for the cessation of the city’s only source of potable water, the resulting damage to equipment and machinery and the losses that may befall the Austrian company responsible for implementing the fourth evaporator project.

Labidi demanded that the station be supplied with quantities of fuel daily, at a fixed time, and at a rate of two hours for pumping, as was the custom in previous years according to the director.

Moreover, he indicated that all relevant authorities had been addressed through official correspondence 10 days prior so that the station would not forced to stop in light of this situation.


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