Sand storms strike eastern and southern Libya and raise the state of alert

The east and south of Libya are witnessing severe weather fluctuations represented by dry southeasterly winds, at times exceeding 60 km/h, carrying dust which has led to a significant decrease in visibility and a noticeable rise in temperatures.

As a result of these difficult weather conditions, the Meteorological Center issued warnings to residents of the region, calling on them to exercise caution, especially on the roads due to poor horizontal visibility.

The Center also advised people suffering from respiratory and sinus diseases to be extremely careful and to stay away from open places as much as possible.

For its part, the National Safety Authority announced that it raised the state of maximum alert and preparedness for any emergency that may result from this desert depression in the cities of Ajdabiya, Al-Marj, Derna, and Shahat. The National Safety Authority called on drivers to exercise caution while driving.

Bad weather conditions caused the cessation of air traffic at Benina Airport in Benghazi, according to the Director of the airport’s ground services station, Khalifa Al-Barghathi.

Al-Barghathi added that flights arriving from Egypt were forced to change their destination to Greece due to a lack of visibility at the airport.


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