A Libyan military intelligence chief says Misrata has no delegation holding talks with Haftar

The commander of the military intelligence of the central military zone Ibrahim Baytelmal has indicated that Misrata city has no delegation involved in dialogue with Khalifa Haftar, adding that Misrata hasn’t been affected by Haftar spokesman’s threats.

Baytelmal, speaking to Libya Alahrar TV, condemned Haftar’s threats, saying they aren’t any different to the threats of ISIS and Moammar Gaddafi.

“Haftar’s fate will be as his predecessors in Libya. We’re continuing the fighting until Haftar’s aggression on Tripoli is defeated.” He indicated.  

Haftar’s spokesman said in a televised statement that some parties from Misrata are in talks with Haftar’s command for the withdrawal of their brigades from Tripoli and Sirte.

Al-Mismari gave the city of Misrata three more days after it ended on Sunday.

Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha took to Twitter to respond to Al-Mismari’s first Misrata threat, saying the city could surrender only if it was bombarded by 400.000 bombs; each one hitting a resident breathing freedom for his country.

The first deadline was made by Al-Mismari on December 19 and ended on Sunday – December 22 – when Al-Mismari extended it to three more days, calling on Misrata to withdraw forces from Tripoli and Sirte or else it will be bombed day and night.  


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