A minor earthquake hits eastern Libya

The Libyan Center for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences reported receiving reports from residents of Marj about feeling a minor earthquake at dawn on Monday.

The center explained that it was unable to accurately determine the location, time, and strength of the earthquake due to the cessation of the stations of the national seismic monitoring network in Libya for years.

The center indicated that the earthquake was not recorded by nearby international observatories, suggesting that it occurred inside Libyan territory with a weak force.

On the other hand, the “Volcano Discovery” website, which specializes in monitoring earthquakes and volcanoes, announced that a 3.1-magnitude earthquake had occurred in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, 72 km from the Libyan coast, at the same time as the tremor felt by the residents of Marj.

The German website added that the closest city to the epicenter of the quake is the city of Marj in Libya, 93 km to the south.

Libya witnessed a 4.0-magnitude earthquake in April last year, and Marj recorded an earthquake considered the strongest in Libya’s modern history with a magnitude of 5.3 in 1963.


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