Administrative Control Authority issues suspension orders related to the health sector

The head of the Administrative Control Authority, Abdullah Qaderboh, has issued a suspension order for the director of the Dental Services Center in Tripoli and the director of the center’s Administrative Affairs Department. This decision is a precautionary measure taken in light of certain operational concerns.

The Administrative Control Authority made this announcement via its official social media account. The suspension is a response to issues identified by the Central Committee for Hospital Follow-up, which was established by a presidential mandate.

The committee’s scrutiny revealed that the center had ceased to provide its designated therapeutic and diagnostic services. Furthermore, it was found that the center’s administration had failed to find solutions for securing a building for the center.

The decision also highlighted other areas of concern. The center’s administration has reportedly neglected medical equipment stored in warehouses. There are also allegations of attempts to squander public funds amidst the suspension of operations within the center. These findings underscore the need for stringent administrative control and accountability in public health institutions.


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