African Union’s Peace and Security Council to discuss situation in Libya on May 28

The African Union’s Peace and Security Council will hold an extraordinary meeting on May 28 to discuss the situation in Libya and other issues.

Libyan News Agency said the Cameroon-chaired council will review a lot of issues, including terrorism, constitutional change of governments and humanitarian crises.

The Permanent Representative of Cameroon at the African Union said that the series of meetings will be an opportunity to review and compare the various efforts of the countries and challenges they had been facing, including the situation in Libya, the Central African Republic and Nigeria, in addition to the security challenges in the Horn of Africa and Chad.

This meeting comes as part of the efforts of the African Union with the support of Russia and China to appoint a United Nations envoy to Libya from an African country, knowing that the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, was urged before to appoint an African diplomat as an envoy to Libya, but the US, the UK, France and European countries rejected the move.


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