After brief clashes, Misrata warring sides settle the issue

Military sources inside Misrata have confirmed to Libya Alahrar TV that the meeting of the military forces ended with an agreement to evacuate the headquarters of the Joint Operations Force on Tripoli Street in Misrata and hand over the individuals who killed a member of Al-Mahjoub Brigade in Zariq area clashes on Saturday morning to Public Prosecution.

Following the meeting, patrols have reopened the coastal road: Misrata-Tripoli and Misrata-Sirte, removing the sand roadblocks after efforts of the military leaders and dignitaries of the city.

This came after the Joint Operations Force of the Government of National Unity said an armed force loyal to Fathi Bashagha’s government, Al-Mahjoub Brigade, attacked its patrols in Zariq area at Al-Dafiniyah checkpoint in the western entry of Misrata, saying the force set up an unauthorized checkpoint on the coastal road.

The Joint Operations Force said Al-Mahjoub Brigade fighters opened fire on the patrols that were doing their regular job, leaving a number of casualties.

“The attacking force was handled. Clashes took place and then the armed force fled the scene into the farms.” The Joint Operations Force said.

It added that the Government of National Unity and Attorney General should work to prevent such criminal actions.


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