After humiliating losses in south Tripoli, pro-Haftar Russian mercenaries flown out of Bani Walid

Russian fighters from the mercenary Wagner Group, who had been fight for Haftar’s militias in south Tripoli in Libya, were flown out Bani Walid Airport – south of Tripoli – after retreating from frontlines at the capital, Bani Walid mayor Salim Nuwair confirmed to Libya Alahrar TV.

The Russian mercenaries allied to Haftar’s terrorist militias retreated with their heavy equipment from the capital to the airport of Bani Walid, a town some 150 km southeast of Tripoli, according to Bani Walid’s mayor.

He added that the Russian mercenaries had been flown out of western Libya to Al-Jufra airbase; a remote central district under Haftar’s control.

The mayor indicated that the Russian mercenaries were flown in three military planes to Al-Jufra, adding that their military vehicles were driven there.

Haftar’s militias have withdrawn from several positions in southern Tripoli in what they described as a humanitarian gesture, while in fact, GNA forces re-entered some of those areas with little resistance from the retreating militias of Haftar.

Footage posted by Libya Al-Ahrar showed Russians, some sitting on trucks, in Bani Walid and then showed their departure from Bani Walid Airport.


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