After meeting in Morocco, Libyan HoR agree to convene in Ghadames

The members of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) from both the Torbuk-based and Tripoli-based branches have agreed to hold an official full-quorum meeting in Ghadames after they have convened a consultative meeting in Morocco’s Tangiers.

The member of the HoR Asmahan Beloun told Libya Alahrar TV Tuesday that the meeting in Ghadames will aim to amend the internal code of the parliament, activate the Libyan Political agreement’s articles and elect a new presidency for the HoR.

Meanwhile, the HoR member Salim Gannan said the HoR members will continue their deliberations in Tangiers until Thursday to form committees to outline the policies of the HoR and the needed amendments to the internal codes.

The HoR member told Libya Alharar that they members are working also on paving the way for the travel to Ghadames for a full-quorum meeting directly from Morocco.


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