After opening Libyan coastal road, 5+5 JMC warns of hostilities

The Libyan 5+5 Joint Military Commission (JMC) has condemned hostile acts that aim to undermine the unity of the country and its stability on the coastal road between east and west Libya.

The 5+5 JMC is made up of a delegation from the Libyan Army under the Government of National Unity (previously the Government of National Accord) and a delegation from the military officers under Khalifa Haftar, mainly based in the eastern region.

On last Friday, the 5+5 JMC announced reopening of the coastal road connecting the east to the west region in Libya, a move that has been under deliberations for months and is integral to the implementation of the roadmap of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) to pave the way for December elections.

The 5+5 JMC said the security of the coastal road will be appointed to the Security Arrangements Committee of the two sides and no other security apparatus has the right to meddle in this process.

It also warned that all kinds of military and security convoys are not allowed to use the road from Checkpoint 30km to Abu Grein area in western Sirte and that official authorities must coordinate with the committee for the passing of government and diplomatic convoys.

In a statement on Tuesday, the 5+5 JMC said the chaos on the coastal road was a hate act that was done by spoilers who aimed to destabilize Libya, condemning all kinds of unrest and division on the coastal road or any other area in the country.

“We call on all relevant authorities to follow up on this issues and bring the spoilers to justice so that the coastal road remains safe and secure for all Libyans.” The statement adds.


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