After US call on UAE to cease Libya intervention, Abu Dhabi says to back peaceful solution

The United Arab Emirates, a main backer of Khalifa Haftar’s military endeavors in Libya, issued a statement Friday stating its readiness to work “closely” with the new US administration for a peaceful solution to the Libyan conflict.

“There is an urgent need for renewed diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict in Libya,” Lana Nusseibeh, the UAE ambassador to the UN, said in a letter, reported by AFP.

She said the UAE stands ready to work closely with all Security Council members, including the new US administration, to achieve a peaceful settlement for the Libyan people.

She indicated that Abu Dhabi welcomed the Security Council’s call for all foreign forces to withdraw from Libya, adding that oreign intervention in the conflict must end now.

During a virtual meeting of the Security Council on Libya on Thursday, the United States called on “all external parties, including Russia, Turkey and the UAE, to respect Libyan sovereignty and immediately cease all military intervention in Libya.”

“The UAE firmly believes that diplomatic and political solutions are the sole path to end the Libyan conflict. The first priority is to preserve and reinforce the ceasefire agreement” agreed to in October.” Nusseibeh said.

She added that this will enable and encourage a political process and a Libyan-led transition that fulfills the aspirations of the Libyan people for stability, peace, and prosperity.

Together with Egypt and Russia, the UAE is one of the main backers of Khalifa Haftar’s wars on legitimacy in Libya, including the latest aggression on the UN-supported Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli.


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