Agreement on constitutional document for Libyan elections reached in Morocco

The 6+6 Committee for Electoral Laws Preparation has announced reaching consensus regarding the points related to the election of the president and members of the National Assembly, saying that the next legislative authority will be composed of two chambers: the House of Representatives and the Senate.

After meeting for two days in Bouznika, Morocco, the 6+6 committee issued a statement saying the elections will be done simultaneously, adding that there will be a formation of a unified government that is tasked to pave the way for holding the vote.

The committee added that it had made progress in defining and distributing seats in the House of Representatives and Senate according to electoral districts, in addition to involving political parties in the House of Representatives’ elections through lists or individual candidacies.

The statement also stressed the committee’s determination to complete the preparation of electoral laws in the Morocco meetings, stressing that the current Libyan status quo necessitated giving priority to the people’s interest over personal ones through the formation of a unified government that paves the way for elections in all regions and deals with them in a responsible and transparent manner.


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