Al-Jarrary: Exempting Libya from Egypt’s ban on exporting basic commodities is vital

The Head of the Libyan Egyptian Joint Economic Room, Ibrahim Al-Jarrary, has told Libyan Alahrar that the exemption of Libya from the Egyptian decision to ban exporting basic commodities would achieve some kind of boom in the local market amid the current slump in markets.

Speaking to Libya Alahrar TV, Al-Jarrary said importing basic commodities and Egyptian merchandise is of great importance to the food market in eastern Libya, saying that this would help reduce the prices of commodities for the locals.

In the meantime, the decision of the Egyptian authorities to exempt Libya from the ban of exporting basic commodities made in Egypt came after discussions held by Al-Jarrary with the Egyptian side following the instructions of the Ministry of Economy of the Government of National Unity.

“A joint committee will be formed this week, comprising the Customs Authority and the Ministries of Transportation, Economy and Finance. They will go to Egypt to activate the agreement signed since 1990.” Al-Jarrary added.

He also said that the there are efforts from both Libya and Egypt to resolve the issues of transportation of the Libyan citizens inside Egypt using their Libya-plated cars.

Al-Jarrary said the Libyan side is working in cooperation with Egypt to reactivate some of the agreements related to the use of Libyan citizens’ private cars inside Egypt, which would ensure less costs than the current ones.


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