Al-Lafi announces initiative to rally consensus on Libya elections’ laws

The Deputy Head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, announced Monday his initiative “Tackling Political Impasse”, saying it aims to end the disagreements on elections’ legislations.

Al-Lafi added that there’s a disagreement between the House of Representatives and the High Council of State and the new initiative aims to create consensus among them to ensure holding elections.

The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council indicated that his initiative would unite the House of Representatives and the High Council of State’s opinions regarding the necessary laws for elections, adding that consensus is an obligation for holding elections.

Al-Lafi reiterated that some of the articles of the elections’ laws of the House of Representatives aim to exclude certain candidates from the polls, adding that his initiative doesn’t hinder the work of the High National Elections Commission neither does it push for the delay of elections; rather, it urges for consensus on elections’ laws.


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