Al-Mishri: High Council of State awaits UNSMIL’s response to announce its stance on Geneva dialogue

The Head of High Council of State (HCS) in Libya, Khalid Al-Mishri, said his council delegation can’t go to Geneva for UN-led political talks until things unfold clearly.

“We need to know who is participating in the talks and what the mechanisms to be discussed are.” Al-Mishri said in an HCS session on Saturday.

Al-Mishri indicated that UAE’s money is being spent generously on the criminal Khalifa Haftar to target civilian areas in Tripoli.

“We have asked UNSMIL for clarification for Geneva dialogue, but we have received no reply yet.” He added.

Meanwhile, the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame told Reuters, after the 5+5 military commission talks resumed on Friday, that he expected political-level talks to convene in the Swiss city on February 26 but was already working on confidence-building measures.

Salame indicated that the UNSMIL is certainly firm in its determination to launch the political process the way it did with the economic and the military talks.


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