Al-Sarraj sacks officials at Justice Ministry’s human rights commission

The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj has issued an order to sack the Minister of Justice Mohammed Lamloum from his post as a supervisor of the human rights violations’ documentation commission and the deputy of the ministry from the post of the head of the commission.

Al-Sarraj also sacked Sunday the deputy of the ministry and the head of the commission Khairi Abdel Al-Aali over “weakening and undermining the work of the commission.”

The Justice Deputy Minister of the GNA Khairi Abdel-Aali, has accused the Presidential Council of shelving the reports incoming from the Ministry regarding the war crimes and other crimes against humanity committed by warlord Haftar and his militias during their 14-mont offensive on Tripoli and other cities across the western region in Libya.

He accused the Presidential Council of intentionally abstaining from taking any legal actions against the countries supporting Haftar, especially the UAE.

Abdel-Aali said on a special coverage program on Libya Alahrar TV channel that the Ministry of Justice did a tremendous job compiling four reports of crimes committed by Haftar and his supporting countries as well as two other reports: one on the killings of military cadets at the Tripoli Military College; and the other on the mass graves left by Haftar’s militias as they fled Tarhuna and southern Tripoli.

“The Presidential Council must be held to account as to where those reports are and why they haven’t been utilized to bring Haftar to justice.” He explained.

He added that the Ministry of Justice had handed over 3000 documents to the teams of the International Criminal Court regarding the crimes and the mass graves committed by Haftar, reiterating that they had also given the Attorney General’s Office reports about the crimes of Haftar and his supporting countries


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