Al-Sarraj: The idiot Haftar blockaded oil production, continued offensive on Tripoli, yet we will win

The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj said the “idiot” Khalifa Haftar had blockaded oil production and exports, disregarding international calls for a truce to help combat Coronavirus, adding that the victory for the Government of National Accord forces against Haftar’s militias is very close.

In a televised statement on Wednesday, marking a year of the offensive against Tripoli by Haftar’s forces that started April 04 2019, Al-Sarraj said Haftar’s offensive put an end to all political processes and sent Libya backward, adding that all the needs of the fighters on frontlines are being made available for them to achieve victory.

He also said he remains convinced that the fees on foreign currency purchase transactions shouldn’t be increased, saying the Central Bank of Libya wanted to increase them to 5 dinar per 1 US dollar.

He added that the Central Bank of Libya had rejected the distribution of the emergency budget and that it had been selective in implementing money orders, which caused unexpected confusion.

“The behavior of the Central Bank of Libya, which is intervening in all fields but monetary policy that is in the core of its specialization, must change.” Al-Sarraj added, saying it had opened the letters of credit system to give certain companies the money they need and then it would close it.

“It is not for us to change the governor of the Central Bank of Libya and our stance on the aggression is firm.” He said, saying the “idiot Haftar is the one who blockaded oil production, the Central Bank of Libya shouldn’t blame the Presidential Council for it.

Al-Sarraj hailed the role of the medical personnel in the fight against Coronavirus pandemic, saying medical equipment are being sent to all healthcare facilities by the Ministry of Health.


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