Al-Sayeh: Divisions derail Coronavirus containment efforts

The Supreme Advisory Committee for Combating Coronavirus’s member, Haider Al-Sayeh, stated that the divisions among the eastern and western regions in Libya derail tracking cases and combating the virus nationwide.

Al-Sayeh, whose committee follows the Government of National Accord, added that the communications with the counterpart committee in the eastern region are only consultative and that there is no mutual monetary support between the Tripoli and eastern committees.

He also stated that the southern region has difficulties concerning protection supplies and delayed medical personnel salaries due to state agencies’ bureaucracy. Also, one out of the isolation centres in Sebha is closed despite being fully equipped, while the other two have some problems.

Al-Sayeh asserted that the vaccines are to be delivered in Libya within two weeks as Libya has met all conditions, and it is all now a matter of supply.

“An e-system will be launched to count citizens eligible for the vaccine, and details will be announced in a press conference,” he said. He stated that the medical personnel, elderly and high-risk groups would be the first to be vaccinated.


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