Al-Watiya airbase is under GNA’s fire

The senior leader at Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation Hussam Ehssi has said Al-Watiya airbase is now under full siege by Government of National Accord’s forces, leaving a safe corridor for Khalifa Haftar’s militias if they want to withdraw peacefully.

Ehssi told Libya Alahrar TV on Thursday that some of Haftar’s militia units started pulling out of Al-Watiya airbase as negotiations were still ongoing to allow all the militias to leave peacefully without fighting to avoid any damages in the region.

He indicated that the GNA Air Force carried out airstrikes on several positions for Haftar’s militias on Wednesday, saying they became very exposed and short of ammunition as GNA forces had seized most of their weapons and military equipment.

Haftar’s militias escaped to Al-Watiya airbase after the Monday lightning attack of GNA on coastline cities of which Sorman, Sabratha and others were freed from Haftar’s grip.


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