Al-Zawiya court rules Haftar out of presidential race

Al-Zawiya Court’s Appeals Committee has accepted an appeal to Khalifa Haftar’s presidential candidacy upon grounds of having dual citizenship (American citizen) and committing war crimes and crimes agaisnt humanity, besides other violations to the election law.

The decision by Al-Zawiya court ruled Haftar out of the presidential race, and in the legal argument of the court judges, they said they could tackle Haftar in Al-Zawiya despite him being a candidate who registered in Benghazi.

The argument of the judges says the Supreme Judicial Council’s appeal amendments, which said appeals against candidates must be filed in the area where they registered their candidacy (in this case Haftar in Benghazi), was just “a decision not a law”, so Haftar can be appealed outside Benghazi.

Haftar, like Dbeibah and Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, can counter-appeal these court rulings and have until December 06 to do so. Gaddafi tried to appeal twice at a Sabha court, but Haftar’s 115 and Tariq bin Ziyad brigades cordoned off the courthouse and threatened judges to hinder he process so far.

Dbeibah appealed the decision to rule him out from the presidential race after he was appealed by presidential candidate Fathi Bashagha and other politicians on grounds of violating Article 12 of election law (not quitting public office 3 months before December 24).


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