Ambassador to UN urges EU to shelve negative rivalry as it aggravated crisis in Libya

The Libyan Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Taher El Sonni, has called on the Europeans to have a unified stance to back up the Libyan political track and to leave aside competition for Libya as such rivalry by the Europeans made the situation aggravate in the country.

In a meeting with the European Union’s (EU) Head of Mission at the UN, Olof Skoog, on Tuesday. El Sonni reiterated that silence toward crimes and violations against civilians in Libya with the help of several countries for ten months cannot continue any longer.

Meanwhile, Skoog reaffirmed that the EU has a firm rejection of military solutions in Libya, adding that the block supports Berlin conference on Libya, which he expected to be held soon to reach a common understanding by the international community to end the conflict and stop foreign intervention, in addition to giving support to the plan of the UN envoy in Libya.


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