Amnesty International condemns murder of Libyan lawyer in Benghazi

Amnesty International has condemned the murder of Libyan lawyer Hanan Al-Burasi in Benghazi, saying the perpetrators of this crime and other crimes and violations, torture, rape and abuse in Benghazi and elsewhere must be held accountable for their actions.

Al-Burasi was murdered by gunmen in Benghazi in eastern Libya Tuesday morning as she was getting out of her car on Street 20.

Al-Burasi was murdered just after she appeared in a video on social media criticizing Khalifa Haftar and his sons as well as his militias’ crimes and lawlessness in Benghazi and in eastern Libya in general.

Libya Alahrar sources said the gunmen were in three cars and then they were seen getting out of the cars and shooting Al-Burasi on the busy Benghazi Street 20.

Amnesty International indicated that the lawyer was a voice of criticism to the individuals under armed groups in eastern Libya, adding that she and her daughter had received threats of murder over her criticism.

“Just one day before being murdered, Hanan Al-Burasi said she would publish a video speaking about Saddam Haftar’s corruption.” Amnesty International remarked, saying her murder is evidence of the risks women speaking about politics face.

Amnesty International called for urgent investigations into the killing of the lawyer and for all perpetrators to be brought to justice, saying impunity must end in Libya.


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