Aoun discusses demands of members of the Petroleum Facilities Guard

The Minister of Oil in the Government of National Unity (GNU), Mohamed Aoun, and a committee from the Petroleum Facilities Guard discussed meeting the demands of the apparatus’s elements that are stipulated in legislations and government decrees.

During the meeting held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, the committee called on Aoun to support it in achieving its ‘legitimate demands’ for the members of the Petroleum Facilities Guard, which are inline with several decrees issued by the government.

The members of the committee claimed that achieving these demands will reflect positively on professionalism and discipline in performance, and on preserving Libyan wealth, according to the ministry.

For his part, Aoun asked the committee members to submit a memorandum detailing the demands and rights approved by the laws and regulations for members of the Petroleum Facilities Guard, assuring his support for any rights approved by these legislations, according to the ministry.


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