Authorities in Tripoli address ongoing and overwhelming repercussions of Derna tragedy

The Minister of Education in the Government of National Unity (GNU), Musa al-Maqrieff, has instructed the private education institutions to host students coming from the storm affected areas and accept them without fees.

In other news, the Benghazi Rescue Team suffered a great loss when members died in a car accident while returning from Derna. The deceased include Muhammad al-Majbari, Yusuf al-Dinali, al-Eid al-Tawerghi, Naji bin Saud, Mohannad al-Zlitni, and Hashem al-Sharif. Condolences by the GNU Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah was extended officially to the Benghazi Rescue Team on their loss.

Furthermore, Musa Al-Kouni, Deputy President of the Presidential Council, has called for an international investigation into the Derna disaster as it was a great shock to all Libyans. Al-Kouni stated that an international committee should be commissioned in cooperation with the Libyan side to investigate and prosecute those involved.

This call from the Presidential Council echoes demands from many survivors of the Derna tragedy, who are still mourning relatives, neighbors and loved ones, and who have stated that the cause of the crisis had to do with the building and lack of reconstruction of the dam, and that their case will be submitted to the International Court of Justice.


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