Awaqir tribespeople defy Haftar’s arrest of senior tribal leader

A group of gunmen from Al-Awaqir tribe in eastern Libya took to the streets in Benina and Al-Rajma in southeast Benghazi after Khalifa Haftar’s militias had detained the militia senior leader, Khalid Bulaghib, at Benina airport.

Exclusive sources told Libya Alahrar TV that Bulaghib was coming from Tunisia to Benghazi, saying he was most definitely detained by one of Haftar sons’ militias”.

The sources explained that there was an overwhelming anger from Al-Awaqir tribespeople, many of whom gathered in Benina area calling for the release of Bulaghib.

In January, Haftar’s militias detained a man named Kinan Mustafa Kinan after returning from nine years of asylum in Germany. He returned upon assurances from Haftar’s militias that eh wouldn’t be arrested, yet upon his arrival in Benghazi, he was detained.


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