Bathily: Main players in Libya continue to monopolize political process without solutions

The outgoing UN envoy Abdoulaye Bathily has said that a solution cannot be reached in Libya as long as the main players in the country continue to monopolize the political process.

Bathily added in an interview with the UN that Libyan leaders – during the past transitional stages – continued to compete and were not actually interested in the stability of the country.

He said that he had seen how happy the Libyan leaders were with the situation in which they could “share the fruits of governance among themselves.”

“There is no transparency, and Libyans talk about corruption in the government, but when you look at the situation in the education and health sectors, you see the devastation left by the wars.” Bathily said.

Regarding the spread of armed groups and heavy weapons in the capital, Tripoli, Bathily said: “We all know that Libya today is almost an open supermarket for weapons that are used for internal political competition among armed groups, and also in arms deals, arms races, and arms trade with their neighbors and beyond.”

Bathily explained that due to the security situation in Libya, there is no hope in the medium term, or even in the long term, to think that the situation of illegal immigration will improve.


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