Belgium trying to rip off €49 million of Libya’s frozen assets

The Libyan ambassador to the United Nations, Taher El Sonni, has accused Belgium of attempting to steal Libyan frozen assets, taking a cowardly advantage of Libyans being busy with the political process ahead of a new executive authority, interim period and eventually elections in December.

El Sonni said Saturday on Twitter that Belgium had informed the UN sanctions committee and asked to acquire 49 million euros of the Libyan frozen assets.

The Libyan UN ambassador urged Belgium to end its illegal quest for accessing Libyan frozen assets, saying this “would never happen”.

“We, in cooperation with the Libyan Investment Authority, have informed the UN Security Council about Belgium’s intention to rip off Libyans of their own assets”. El Sonni explained.

El Sonni has called more than once on the UN sanctions committee on Libya to help safeguard the Libyan frozen assets and to help keeping them secure from some countries’ greedy financial institutions.

The total amount of Libyan funds deposited in Belgium since 2011 amounts to 14 billion euros, of which, approximately 13 billion are held by Euroclear Bank.


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