Benghazi joint security room: Hanan Al-Barasi’s daughter was arrested not abducted

The Head of the joint security room in Benghazi, Basset Bugharis, said Haneen Al-Abdali, the daughter of lawyer Hanan Al-Barasi who was murdered in the city months ago, was arrested by the room’s personnel not abducted.

In a press conference Saturday, Bugharis said Benghazi was secure and Haneen Al-Abdali was arrested with a warrant not kidnapped as she was wanted for threatening a citizen with a weapon on 20 St. in Benghazi, which he said was a crime.

Amnesty International voiced concern on Friday about the kidnapping of Haneen Al-Abdali by gunmen in Benghazi after she had called for justice for her mother who was killed in the day in Benghazi last November, urging the Government of National Unity to ensure she was safe and released immediately.

In the meantime, Libyan Crimes Watch reiterated that Haneen Al-Abdali was kidnapped hours after she went live on Facebook naming persons involved in her mother’s murder.

Haneen Al-Abdali was kidnapped in the day last Thursday in Benghazi after she was shot in the leg, according to eyewitnesses from the scene in Benghazi.l


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