Buira confirms plans to attend Sabratha’s session

The House of Representatives (HoR) member, Abu-Bakr Buira stated on Sunday that the HoR members continue to roll in the city of Sabratha to take part in a parliamentary session that will be recognized as an official one rather than consultative if the quorum is met.

Buira confirmed his plans to attend the session scheduled for Monday, noting that Sabratha’s plan hasn’t been set yet and it will be adopted and announced later.

He explained that the members would discuss Ghadames consultation sessions, especially after they encountered the withdrawal of some members and thus in-complete quorum.

“I hope members meet the legal quorum as it has been a mistake for the HoR to operate without a true one along the past years, it is not right,” he said.

Meanwhile, the members started arriving in the city on Saturday night to participate in the planned session on Monday or Tuesday. Several senior local officials welcomed some of them in Zwara airport.


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