Cases of child poisoning due to water contamination reported in Derna

In a distressing development, the National Center for Disease Control has reported 55 instances of child poisoning due to water contamination in the city of Derna. Haider Al-Sayeh, the head of the center, has expressed grave concern over the city’s deteriorating health system, warning that the imminent rise in poisoning cases will further strain the already fragile infrastructure.

Al-Sayeh has urgently called for the evacuation of all residents from areas where buildings have been completely damaged and from regions where drinking water has been contaminated, with a particular emphasis on safeguarding women and children.

In a reassuring statement, the Red Cross organization has clarified that bodies in the affected areas do not pose a risk to residents unless they are infected with severe diseases. The organization debunked circulating rumors about bodies posing a danger to residents, asserting that these bodies should be washed and buried by their families and relatives.

Responding to appeals from Shahat Municipality, Osama Ali, spokesperson for the Ambulance and Emergency Service, issued immediate instructions on air for teams to head to the municipality to search for missing persons.

Meanwhile, the Al Bayda Medical Center stated that it has recorded a tragic tally of 97 deaths across Green Mountain since the onset of Storm Daniel, underscoring the severity of the crisis and highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive relief efforts.


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