Central Bank Governor and his Deputy on their first mission after unification

The Governor of the Libyan Central Bank (CB), Seddiq Kabir, and his deputy, Mar’ie Rahil Barassi, met with the Governor of the Tunisian Central Bank on Thursday.

This is the first meeting with foreign counterparts since the recent unification of the CB. The Tunisian Central Bank Governor Marwan Abbasi hosted the Libyan delegation in the Tunisian Capital, Tunis.

The Libyan CB stated that the meeting was arranged to enhance communication with regional and international partners, in which the unification of the Bank was welcomed by the hosts who expressed their support for future cooperation between the two institutions.

During their visit to Tunis, the Libyan CB delegation also met with the United States Specia Envoy and Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, and his deputy, Jeremy Berndt, at the residence of the Special Envoy in the Tunisian capital. The American side welcomed the announcement of the unification of the Central Bank of Libya and affirmed its support for the serious steps that have been taken in this regard and the positive outcomes of this milestone, according to the CB.

Source: Central Bank of Libya


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