Central Security Directorate launches new security plan in Tripoli

The Tripoli-based Central Security’s General Directorate has started implementing the security plan of the Interior Ministry and the Special Backup Force.

Security personnel started Sunday to execute the plan by setting up security posts and checkpoints – both on streets and on the move – in downtown Tripoli and off to the rest of roads and roundabouts to protect residents from all forms of crimes.

On December 21, the Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha announced in his address commemorating the first anniversary in his post that he had ordered the second phase of the security plan in Tripoli to kick-start.   

The first stage of the plan was securing vital facilities and state institutions in Tripoli – some 58 locations – including ministries and banks.

The Interior Minister said they had set up a comprehensive operations room that would be working around the clock to receive reports of any security violations, adding that a rapid action force with high-tech equipment was also ready to operate.

Bashagha also announced that the Interior Ministry had launched a new database system for all residents to use for reports of security and human rights violations.


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