“Chadian mercenaries” arrested near Gharyan by the 444th Combat Brigade

The 444th Combat Brigade has announced the arrest of a group of “Chadian mercenaries” in the city of Gharyan. A video showing a group of fighters from Chad was posted on the Brigade’s social media account, indicating that they were captured and the weapons and ammunition in their possession were confiscated.

On Sunday morning, the city of Gharyan witnessed violent armed confrontations that took place with medium and heavy weapons in the streets of the city. A force affiliated with “Adel Daab” – supported by military groups inside Gharyan – launched an attack on the positions of the Gharyan Brigade and the Stability Support Apparatus.

The situation in Gharyan remains tense as military commanders loyal to the Government of National Unity discuss their response to the clashes. Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah had ordered the formation of a joint operation room from several security and military units to address the situation in Gharyan. The Emergency Medicine and Support Center has been assigned to take all necessary measures in Gharyan to support hospitals in light of the clashes that the city has witnessed.


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