China mulls Libya’s request for medical assistance amid Coronavirus concerns

The Chinese Charge d’Affaires in Libya, Wang Qimin, has said that his country is mulling over a request by the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord for medical assistance against the breakout of Coronavirus.

The Chinese Charge d’Affaires in Libya added that there had been discussions between Tripoli and Beijing through diplomatic channels regarding the medical assistance, adding that the request was under consideration.

Wang Qimin told Libya Alahrar TV on the phone that China had provided Libya and other African countries with testing devices for the Coronavirus pandemic, adding that Beijing is interested in expertise exchanges with the countries where Coronavirus had spread.

“China is going to organize a forum to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic information and awareness in North African countries.” The Chinese Charge d’Affaires in Libya remarked.

He also indicated that the preventive measures taken by Libya against the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic are going in the right direction, stressing the need for seriously implementing the measures across the country.


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