China Ready to Rebuild Derna Under Libyan Subway Project

Ali Al-Saidi, the Minister of Investment in the designated government by the House of Representatives (HoR), has confirmed China’s readiness to participate in the reconstruction of the city of Derna. This initiative will be undertaken under the “Libyan Subway Project”.

In an interview with French Radio Monte Carlo, Al-Saidi revealed that his government has received an official letter from the Chinese company coalition “BFI”. The letter expressed BFI’s intention to commence reconstruction efforts in Derna.

Al-Saidi emphasized that all companies are welcome to contribute to the reconstruction of Derna. The government is actively seeking potential countries that can contribute and finance such projects.

The Hammad-led government, which is affiliated with the HoR, has announced its approval to establish a reconstruction fund for Derna and other affected areas. A conference focusing on the city’s reconstruction is scheduled for next October.


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