Civil society organizations and NGOs demand improving the conditions of “people with disabilities”

Civil society organizations and NGOs concerned with persons with disabilities called on the executive authorities as well as the legestaltive councils to work on expediting the implementation of all provisions of the Basic Pension Law and its amendments, and to amend the paragraphs of the law related to the supplementary pension for this group.

The statement, published on Thursday on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, called on the relevant authorities to disburse the delayed home aid, in addition to start disbursing it monthly in the future, and to activate the executive regulations of the Labor Law by allocating no less than five percent to persons with disabilities in public employment positions.

The statement concluded by demanding that equipment, prosthetic devices, and important daily necessities be provided to those entitled to them, in addition to ensuring their legal, educational, and health rights.


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