Calm descends on Tajoura after hours of armed clashes

A member of the Council of Elders and Dignitaries of Tajoura, Mahmoud Dergham, confirmed to Libya Al-Ahrar TV the withdrawal of all armed vehicles and the control of the 3rd battalion in the 51st Brigade as a neutral force over all the roads and checkpoints where the clashes took place in “Bir Al-Usta Milad” area in Tajoura.

Dergham referred to the agreement to end the clashes in the municipality of Tajoura and the entry of the 3rd battalion of the 51st Brigade and deployment in the streets where the clashes took place, explaining that the agreement provided for the handing over of the person responsible for the clashes to be surrendered to the Attorney General’s Office on Monday.

The member of the Council of Elders and Dignitaries of Tajoura, Youssef Areibi, said that the Tajoura Security Directorate will secure the area in cooperation with the 3rd Battalion of the 51st Brigade; pointing out that the agreement reached by the dignitaries was that the two parties of the clashes must resort to law.

Clashes broke out on Sunday evening in Tajoura in Bir Al-Usta area, causing panic among residents and prompting some distress calls for a safe corridor during the hours of fighting.


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