Clashes rock Libyan capital, Dbeibah condemns Bashagha-driven violence

Clashes erupted Friday night and went on through Saturday morning in the Libyan capital Tripoli. the clashes were between armed formations all under the Government of National Unity’s Interior Ministry.

The Ambulance and Emergency Apparatus has confirmed the death of Libyan young comedian Mustafa Barka in clashes on Al-Zawiya St. Friday night in Tripoli.

The Ambulance and Emergency Apparatus in Libya’s Tripoli has also announced mobilization and state of high alert in all branches in the capital, warning people against going out of their houses and holding fighting parties accountable for the safety of the civilians.

In the meantime, Tripoli University had suspended classes and exams over the current clashes in the Libyan capital, which extended to different areas, including Ben Ashour and Bab Benghashir.

Dbeibah’s Reaction

Libya’s Government of National Unity (GNU) has issued a statement condemning Tripoli clashes and saying that the reason for the fighting was that a military group opened random fire on a convoy passing through Al-Zawiya street.

The GNU said these clashes come as armed groups are mobilizing at Checkpoint 27 in west Tripoli and Jibis Checkpoint in south Tripoli to implement Bashagha’s announcement of intention to enter Tripoli by force.

“The party representing Fathi Bashagha has ignored conversations at the last moment after positive indications of peaceful solution instead of war and violence.” The GNU said.

It said it would continue to protect people and secure the country as well as “cut the hands” of those who create chaos in Tripoli.


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